What is Tarsius?

Tarsius is our next-generation commercial platform for advanced 3D visualization and analysis. Built from our core technology, this line of desktop products, SDKs, and enterprise solutions allows users to visualize environments in very high detail without any 3D modeling or lengthy preprocessing.

Tarsius products are available now for pre-release evaluation.

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Desktop Software

Tarsius Snapshot

Easy and Automatic 3D Visualization / Documentation

Ditch the contractors and specialized teams of 3D modelers. Tarsius Snapshot is an easy to use, but powerful program for use with commercial sensors. No training needed. Instantly view the environment mapped by your sensor in just a couple clicks, add high-resolution camera images automatically, and perform high-precision measurements with a simple click and drag.

Tarsius PointsPro

The Most Powerful Point Cloud Viewer Ever Made

The ultimate application for working with massive point clouds and next-generation sensor systems. Visualize tens of billions of points and terabytes of imagery instantly, in whatever format you use – even custom formats!

Tarsius PointsPro even allows you to stream points and imagery information in real-time to visualize data from your home-made systems. You get automatic surface reconstruction, lens distortion correction, and even the ability to stream multiple video feeds from network sources.

Tarsius World

Visualize Your Entire World

View and analyze your whole world. Add nearly any type of geospatial data from local files and folders, databases, networked servers, internet sites, or live sensors. Mix data from GIS, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, 3D Mapping, Modeling and Simulation, and Surveillance. View the entire globe down to detailed interior and underground structures. Export videos to share with others. And do it all automatically, in real time, with low cost hardware.

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Software Development Kits

Tarsius SDK Lite

Add Instant 3D to Your Application

Use an extremely easy, but powerful, SDK to add a 3D viewer to your 2D application. Just as you are able to easily able to add Imagery and GIS features in your 2D map, let your users automatically view an updated 3D scene as they work in your custom application. Integration can take less than a day and licensing options can be far cheaper than other packages.

Tarsius SDK

Add Advanced 3D to Your Application

Harness the full power of our technology in your custom application. The full Tarsius SDK allows a development team to add advanced point cloud and live sensor visualization – along with the full range of traditional data – into any Windows, Linux, or OS X application. Several licensing options, along with full support packages, are available.

Enterprise Solutions

Tarsius Mobile

Advanced Android 3D Visualization

Use Tarsius PointsPro or Tarsius World to create your data collections, then view them on your Android device using our advanced mobile app.

Tarsius Enterprise

Distributed 3D Situational Awareness

Connect multiple sensor systems to multiple viewer nodes, with or without the use of servers, to create and interact with a 3D Common Operating Picture of the environment. Small, low-powered boxes mounted to custom sensor platforms process and compress data in real-time while multiple computers, phones, and tablets automatically access updated information so teams can understand and collaborate in the 3D environment around them.

Custom Applications

Let Us Help You Build Your Application

Our world class, California-based development team is available to build custom visualization and analysis applications, or integrate new 3D capabilities into your existing software or systems. Leverage our extensive expertise in cross-domain geospatial data exploitation to take your application to the next level. We work closely with military and intelligence organizations, sensor system developers, universities, and simulation companies to build high-quality custom solutions for next-generation applications.